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Keisha Brown
Location: Georgetown, SC United States
Joined: Jul 25th, 2004
About   (request update)
Current Whereabouts:
Hampton University (Davidson Hall rm. 210) as of Fall 2004
Education   (request update)
Hampton University class of 2008
Undergrad Major: Biology
Claim To Fame:
Yall don't know, but a sista gots dreams. Ya know I'm majoring in Bio/Pre-Med. But I'm going to minor in Business Management and hopefully by 2015 (that's a long time from now :) ) I will have many small doctor offices setup across country for those people who don't have medicare, madicaid, and/or health insurance to recieve medical care without huge out of pocket costs. Yeah a sista's helping out her own. Also... I am accepted for the NROTC Scholarship. I have to wake up early on some days of the month, but it's worth it.
Most Memorable Moment:
Really all I did was spend a 5-week program at Hampton U. and that isn't enough time to say what I liked about college. However, I really enjoyed meeting new people and making new friendships.
I currently work with HRNROTC as
I have 0 years of experience working in the Military industry.
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Guestbook Comments
showing u love n respect from bermuda--hang in there with life- u will do well, trust me....>>><<<
Tagged by SIE aka george simons on 10/16/2005  
Tagged by SIE aka george simons on 10/16/2005  
wassup u fellow bio-lecture classmate....well good luck this semester and the many more to to u soon! reppin "Tha Ghetto" and Onyx 7
Tagged by Craig Rainer on 09/04/2004  
yizo hey girl, i didn't even rrealize that was u, but i'm glad 2 c u again, may be now we'll c u in public(STOP SLEEPING)hahaha ne way girl c u around
Tagged by JESSI LO on 08/31/2004  
hey keisha! dis yaniece just hittin u up to let u know that u can accomplish ur dreams b/c i want to do the exact same thing u want to do! i am majoring in biology and minoring in bm but we will definitely c each other in a few day!
Tagged by Yaniece on 08/16/2004  
What up my fellow Davidson Diva... See ya soon!
Tagged by Nakia Dewberry on 08/16/2004  
12 more days!!!
Tagged by Rachel R Cardona on 08/15/2004  
Good for you...See you soon!!!
Tagged by Rachel R Cardona on 08/13/2004  
Hi, I am Milton Bell from Orlando, Florida representing the Fantastic Freshmen Class. I am Busi. Mgmt. and Poli Sci Major. Just wanted to say wassup to the next generation of Hamptonians and let u know I am runnin 4 Class President
Tagged by Milton Bell on 08/13/2004  
Good Luck to you too! I see your a Bio major...I was thinking about majoring in bio. also but I switched to pharmacy
Tagged by A m e l i a S i m s on 08/10/2004  
just wanted to say hi, y didn't you leave a note when u left, i wish i would have saw you before you left, well guess i'll see you in a few weeks
Tagged by Amanda Mobley on 08/10/2004  
Hey Keisha this summer was really fun, But I did get to see you before you left so hit me back to tall me how you are doing.
Tagged by Justin Thompson on 08/04/2004  
Hey Kiesha! Thanks for sigining my page, I am looking forward to meerinf you in the fall.
Tagged by Alicia Thomas on 08/03/2004  
whats reall good...thanx for sign the da book i holla in the fall
Tagged by Ashley Kershaw on 07/31/2004  
Hey Keisha, im in Twitchell .. so dont be afraid to stop by see you in the fall =)
Tagged by Ashley K. Howell on 07/30/2004  
Hey Keisha, welcome to HU. See u in the fall
Tagged by Alvin Gillem on 07/30/2004  
What up Keisha!!! Thankx for signing my g/b, just stoppin through to show you the same luv.
Tagged by Ashley K. Stevens on 07/30/2004  
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