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Jamee Lawson
Location: Greensboro, NC United States
Joined: May 30th, 2004
About   (request update)
Current Whereabouts:
For the summer I am back home in North Carolina. My time is being spent working at a law office and volunteering at a church summer camp.
Education   (request update)
Spelman College class of 2007
Undergrad Major: Political Science
Claim To Fame:
My "claim to fame" after college will be to establish my own firm, whether it be a public relations firm or a law firm.
Most Memorable Moment:
My most memorable event in college so far was my first Spelman/Morehouse Homecoming. Coronation was so elaborate and I was glad to be a part of it. I loved seeing everyone all dressed up at the Coronation Ball and I had a great time. I honestly had no idea that Homecoming was that big of a deal at Spelman and Morehouse, but I really enjoyed it.
High School: Western Alamance HS in , class of
Activities & Accomplishments:
Varsity Track letter
Best Memories:
1. When I received my acceptance letter from Spelman College. 2. When I was inducted into the National Honor Society.
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Guestbook Comments
Just wanted to stop by and show you some JSU Luv. Have a wonderful week. Get back with me...
Tagged by bob Brown on 06/25/2007  
Greetings Sis, pleasure 2 meet acquaintance, I wish U the best n All Your positive Aspirations, Dreams, Prayers & Goals. God Bless, sincerely Rattla Alum p.s. Honor 2 b 1st 2 start off Your GBook! (^;^), respectfully beautiful photo
Tagged by WILLIAM W. HEMMANS III on 07/06/2006  
just stoppin thru to show some LU LUV!...get at me
Tagged by Kenneth Wilson on 02/14/2005  
What's up, showin that AUC luv.
Tagged by Keith Hutchings on 01/24/2005  
wuz happenin,spreadin dat love from dat boy from Louisiana,, enjoy next semest migh run into each other I'll be over there promoting my last street album coming second semester before my major label deal) hear music
Tagged by GUMBO . on 12/29/2004  
Save Money Next Semester on your Textbooks, Electronic, and school supplies by buying, selling, and trading these items directly to other students on will launch in 2005 to begin the spring semester.
Tagged by Chris Johnson on 12/16/2004  
Happy Tahnks giving
Tagged by Arron Lucas on 11/26/2004  
what's up! hows school? Tell me on AIM I'm adubtrub.
Tagged by Arron Lucas on 09/22/2004  
wasup, Im a sophmore and I've never seen you before, so I just wanted to say wasup. Holla at me when you can.
Tagged by Jonathan Lehman on 09/09/2004  
Political Science is a cool major. Much luck to you in the future and God Bless!
Tagged by Patrick S. Harewood on 08/24/2004  
Keep Smiling Boo..Peace Love and Happiness
Tagged by Ace on 08/16/2004  
Yeah! That sounds cool. I never been to N. Carolina b4. But from the description of things u do, it seems like a really nice place. And yea u right Atlanta is Metro, and thats how it is where I'm from in Detroit. Yet, I still have fun.
Tagged by Jonathan on 08/11/2004  
There's nothing wrong with that at all. So what do u like to do for fun and in ur free time(outside of homework, studyin, and partyin)?
Tagged by Jonathan on 08/09/2004  
It sounds the same to me.
Tagged by Arron Lucas on 08/09/2004  
Yeah, I hear that. I only club every now and then myself. So u got a lil group of friends that u kick it with a lot? Or do u hav a significant other that u spend ur free time with?
Tagged by Jonathan on 08/08/2004  
What's good Jamee! Just showin some sisterly luv...Hope to see you around campus...I wish you the best in all you pursue....May God Bless!!
Tagged by Sharice B. Jones on 08/06/2004  
That must mean u like to argue?
Tagged by Arron Lucas on 08/06/2004  
Aight, that's all good. So are u a party gyrl?
Tagged by Jonathan on 08/05/2004  
O, those classes seem cool. So whats ur favorite subject?
Tagged by Jonathan on 08/04/2004  
In order to do public relations you must have a good personality. I hope that you have one.
Tagged by Arron Lucas on 08/04/2004  
Aight, that sounds good to me too. So what class you taking this year?
Tagged by Jonathan on 08/02/2004  
Hello fellow Spelmanite, just stopping by to show some sisterly love. Hopefully I will see ya around. Well enjoy your last couple weeks of summer.Hollla
Tagged by Tamara Rogers-Gant on 08/02/2004  
O aight, so u wanna keep talkin on here then?
Tagged by Jonathan on 08/01/2004  
O ok, thats all good. But yo, I would like to talk to u one on one, u got aol or yahoo?
Tagged by Jonathan on 07/31/2004  
Yeah, I hear that! That's all good. So what dorm are u stayin in?
Tagged by Jonathan on 07/30/2004  
You and me both! All i did is work this summer too. So are u stayin on campus or u livin off?
Tagged by Jonathan on 07/30/2004  
Spreadin' that UMES love ... stay beautiful ... ONE
Tagged by Eric D. Chandler on 07/28/2004  
Homecoming was crazy in Tallahassee too!!! So i concur. Good Luck shorty, just runnin through makin yo guest book a little bit better than what it was.. Representin the lovely Miami Dade County area.. and you have a very good pic...
Tagged by Margus Slaughter on 07/27/2004  
I'm glad your summer is going well. What have you been doing? And when are you going back to Atlanta?
Tagged by Jonathan on 07/23/2004  
Hey whats gwannin?!? Just another fellow Spelmanite Sista here!!! Sendin some Luv from London, England!!! Got any advice for a 1st year student ??? Im reppin the class of 08 (humpty dumpty) Stay Blessed (Jesus Loves You!!!)
Tagged by Deborah Owhin on 07/22/2004  
Hey What's Going On? How has your summer been?
Tagged by Jonathan on 07/20/2004  
Its official, u definite 10 on the Morehouse scale. Im P. the official Morehouse dime scale spokesman..
Tagged by Calvin P. Whitworth on 07/15/2004  
whas up wit ya. i'm from greensboro also what highschool did you go to? its cool to come across someone else from nc so holla back if u get a chance! hope ur havin a good summer
Tagged by Daniel Bryant on 07/05/2004  
Hey Queen, Stay focused and NEVER forget why you are in school. Remember, Boy's before books brings babys. Take Care
Tagged by William Lyle on 07/02/2004  
All my weekends are free so just hit me up on the cell or on here if you want to come through.
Tagged by Kristen Tillerson on 06/09/2004  
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