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Bjoern Petersen
Location: San Jose, CA United States
Birthday: Nov 28th
Joined: Dec 5th, 2002
About   (request update)
I went to school in New Zealand, Germany, The Philippines, Spain, Canada, and France. I am combination of cultures, and speak more than one language.
My Interview Question
So what do you want from a person?
Current Whereabouts:
I am 31 years old, tough in taking, and finally in California though not in SoCal yet. I am readying myself for the final step to my Mecca.
Life & Professional Aspirations:
I have yet to pledge grad chapter Alpha Phi Alpha to follow my Dad's footprints. Do you have any idea how to contact the Los Angeles area and San Diego chapters? I would really appreciate your help! I will be a doctor in four years, so watch out! Cuba is next on my travel itinerary.
Education   (request update)
Texas Southern University class of 2003
Undergrad Major: Journalism
Campus Organization:
Me Phi Me
Claim To Fame:
I am all Sagittarian: Yeah baby, with a witty, dry, sarcastic humor; well-written, ambitious, adventurous, extremely sensual, reliable, loving, well-versed and knowledgable, highly competitive, profound, educated, in constant search of the ultimate, intense, and fulfilling experience.
Most Memorable Moment:
I will forever cherish my undergrad faculty, all the Alpha Kappa Alphas and Alpha Phi Alphas, without whom I would have never made it. You are my blessing! Thank you for everything you did for me!
High School: Albert-Schweitzer Gymnasium in Hamburg, Germany, class of 1997
Activities & Accomplishments:
Travel, travel, travel. I went to school in multiple countries. Made me very cosmopolitan. Wouldn't want to miss that.
Best Memories:
Abitur trip from Germany to Denmark to century old farm houses that were completely updated: indoor pools, sauna, steamrooms, German beer. Surprised the Danish border guards at the check point did not hear all the liquor bottles rattle in the trunk of our cars.
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Guestbook Comments
Yeah, even my sexi lightskinned brothas fasho!! Shit colored brothas like me are in it to win it also...don't 4 get!! LMAO!
Tagged by Reginald A. on 11/26/2008  
Hope you got my Happy Thanksgiving shout out...if not well I am giving it to u solo!!
Tagged by Reginald A. on 11/26/2008  
You know I do what I kan, I see you holding it down on the Westside though
Tagged by James M. Kinnard on 10/08/2008  
Thx 4 the shout out and the congrads. I have been having a problem with my profile page and I am finally being able to actually enjoy it now. Keep up the good work, our black brothers in this field are really needed!!!
Tagged by Reginald A. on 07/30/2008  
Hey! I just want to say congrats to you on what you've accomplished already and what's to come in the future! God bless you and your family! All the way from Texas showing you some love!
Tagged by V. Warfield on 06/17/2008  
Hey whats up just coming through and leaving some luv on your guestbook, make sure you come by and do the same...Stay Up and if you got AIM (SN:SouthCakShawty), hit me up sometime...
Tagged by Tiarea Holmes on 05/14/2005  
We are starting a club on your campus, that will give you access to scholarships at Fortune 500 companies and develop your leadership, service and social skills. Email me for more information.
Tagged by Arthur Monroe, Jr (Southwest Regional on 02/05/2005  
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