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Ralph White
Location: Richmond, United States
Birthday: Aug 16th
Joined: May 19th, 2014
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My daughter is trying to do something positive and has started an online custom
made jewelry business. When you get a chance, stop by her sight to see if there
is anything that interest you.
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Other College... class of 1965
Undergrad Major: Business Administration
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Feliz new Anos!
Tagged by Elynor Moss on 01/02/2016  
Thank you. If more people supported the Power of an Idea we all would be in a better place. There are so many gifted people and Ideas that are in the grave because Black people filed to support those with the idea. Its a sad mark on the legacy of the African American Worse, we give that statement an amen and "that;s right" and turn around to do nothing.It is a sad state of affairs in the community. Its difficult to build ones own community when no one is on the same page. So get the job, career, corporate and spend your earnings and life back into the very system that would bound your community. Just saying Truth Pat , Marketing Dist.
Tagged by PAT BARROW on 08/23/2015  
Tagged by Felicia Hollins on 08/15/2015  
Thank you so much ralph!
Tagged by Jamie Harrell on 07/03/2015  
Thank you...I will try to remember that..if my mom stop telling me that I can do it...sometimes I feel it is to hard to much homework ,then other times to easy.I hate writing...
Tagged by IMANI SIMMONS on 05/27/2015  
"Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he or she has overcome while trying to succeed." - Booker T. Washington
Tagged by Ralph White on 03/13/2015  
I like the quote. Thank you for sharing I will check out your daughter's website.
Tagged by Beverly McNeil on 02/20/2015  
Thank you so much for posting the quote! I trully believe God is setting the table for me to head with greatness. I am prpared andfullly accepting.
Tagged by Brandi Parker on 02/20/2015  
love it.
Tagged by Ayrricka Street on 02/03/2015  
Thank you!
Tagged by Yshaan Feaster on 02/03/2015  
very true.
Tagged by Melissa Collins on 10/30/2014  
Very encouraging words...
Tagged by Gail Thompson on 10/17/2014  
Thanks for your words, it uplifted my day.
Tagged by Tonia Helb on 09/18/2014  
I just love your hard working self. You are awesome!
Tagged by Elynor Moss on 08/06/2014  
Thank you for your kind words and God bless you!
Tagged by Myquis Morgan on 08/02/2014  
How Ralph, nice profile. Nice meeting you!
Tagged by Barbara George on 07/19/2014  
Thank you
Tagged by Toni Hornes-Sullivan on 07/16/2014  
Good evening and thanks I will check it blessed...
Tagged by Leacimmone Briggs on 07/08/2014  
Thanks for the link about a phenomenal woman.
Tagged by Valrie Cobb on 06/17/2014  
Tagged by Elynor Moss on 06/12/2014  
Thanks... I will check it out..... cynthia
Tagged by Cynthia Merrill Artis on 05/30/2014  
Promoting the creativeness of your daughter through etsy, I do like what I see on her website page!
Tagged by Juanita Hancock-Dickey on 05/21/2014  
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