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What are your interests?

Interviewed by Siebra Muhammad 07/05/22

do you know your idenity or true culture, where you or your fore father came from before entering this strange land?
"Remembering life before this takes me to a place of science and architecture. "

Interviewed by phil marlow 11/11/20

What do YOU know about the South?
"What does the South say to the North? What's up?"

Interviewed by Patricia Neely-Dorsey 10/29/20

Can you name three things greater than God?
"Does God have parents?"

Interviewed by Bruce Smith 03/31/20

What are you doing to make the world a better place?
"Highlighting "

Interviewed by D B. 10/27/19

What book have you read that changed your life?
"Iyanla Vanzant: "ACTS OF FAITH""

Interviewed by Pam Perry 10/23/19

"I Share"

Interviewed by PAT BARROW 04/20/19

What is your Legacy for our World
"A Positive Cheerful Optimistic Sharing Loving Virtuous Woman Attitude."

Interviewed by Rockyj Owens 06/28/16

Where do you see your self in 5 years?
"Sharing, caring, and motivating."

Interviewed by Tiffani Bryson 03/22/16

When did you know that you wanted to go to a HBCU?
"When I received the support and encouragement from my parents."

Interviewed by Scott Price 03/22/16

What's your favorite Parliament/Funkadelic Song?
"Zapp & Rogers: More bounce to the ounce"

Interviewed by Plair Sports and Apparel 03/22/16

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
"I see myself working in a nurturing environment that encourages growth and independence."

Interviewed by Jackie Bowden 03/09/16

Tell me something interesting that everyone should know about you?
"I enjoy interacting with Children."

Interviewed by Porsha Watford 03/09/16

What impresses a woman the most swagger or personality
"Communication Skills"

Interviewed by Albert Jones Jr. 03/09/16

Do you like spoken word poetry?
"I love it but rhyming gets so boring at times."

Interviewed by Reginald Goodwin 03/02/17


Interviewed by MASHON FARRIOR 01/11/16

Where have you been in your life and where do you expect to go forward?
"I've been to Kentucky and I plan to visit Kentucky in the near future."

Interviewed by Ibrahim Siddiq 01/11/16

What is your purpose?

Interviewed by Algernon Evans 01/11/16

What makes you smile?
"Robert Townsend"

Interviewed by Rodney WICKS 01/05/16

How would you describe sucess?
"Feeling stable."

Interviewed by Angela Bryant 01/05/16

What can you do to increase the education level among black males?
"Start educating the black men and boys within your family."

Interviewed by Ted Murdaugh 12/02/15

am honest guy looking for a honest good lady
"I sure hope you find what you are looking for."

Interviewed by chiboy darlington 12/02/15

Is being in the military a pride?
"Yes. It is an uncommon duty that takes courage. "

Interviewed by kay p 12/02/15

What motivates you to be successful?
"My desire to grow into a better person motivates me to be successful."

Interviewed by Karen Buckman 12/02/15

What dating advice can I offer?
"Be optimistic."

Interviewed by Alduan Tartt 11/24/15

What things can we do on HBCUConnect to make it a better site?
"Give Superlative Awards"

Interviewed by Reginald Culpepper 04/07/20

How do you live your life out loud?
"When I get the thought that I can help someone by sharing my methods of communication increase. When I need to recharge, that's the time I get quiet."

Interviewed by Jason Rhyne 11/06/15

if am to be your friend,what are my going to gain from you, in terms of wisdom?

Interviewed by chima njoku 11/06/15

What is your passion in life?
"Thanks for asking."

Interviewed by Beverly Johnson 01/05/16

How do you coose friends?
"I look for friends who maintain a give and take encouraging type of relationship with me. My friends show interest in what I'm involved in and they love me in the way that helps me grow. I must have friends who cheer me. We must have hobbies in common and similar values."

Interviewed by David Walker 08/19/15

What was the impetus to become a cyberpreneur?
"My creator instilled the entrepreneur gene in my family's DNA."

Interviewed by Barbie Ann Matthews 08/18/15

Tell me something interesting that everyone should know about you?
"I love Bamboo!"

Interviewed by kemar williams 06/16/15

What makes me smile?

Interviewed by Jasmine Spence 05/11/15

do you like to laugh?
"Smiling kinda tickles my fancy..."

Interviewed by james jackson 02/17/15

What is the Best way to get a distrubtor to notice a POD publication?
"Word of Mouth"

Interviewed by R.C. Beckom 01/21/15

Do women have more sesnitivity than men to spiritual things?
"Men and women have equal sensitivity. Some are aware and some are not. Some think it is cool and others do not."

Interviewed by J SIMMONS 01/20/15

What is it that you like to do within your career?
"I like to inspire positivity, creativity, and entrepreneurship."

Interviewed by Gregory V. Boulware, Esq. 01/20/15

How do you see success coming you way?
"I first listen to what my assignment is, then I see the end result. I surround myself with success and positivity as much as possible. I claim success! I eat success! I am success! "

Interviewed by Roger Harris 12/15/14

what do you know?
"I know N.C. is where its at!"

Interviewed by Jonathan Patton 12/10/14

Do you believe in forgiveness?
"For sure. I am flexible. I thankfully don't hold grudges."

Interviewed by cortney slaughter 11/12/14

What is your inspiration?
"Educational advancement"

Interviewed by Lawrence Walker 11/11/14

Do you make others smile?

Interviewed by MIISRAEL Bride 08/25/15

What aspirations and hope that you have for the youth of tomorrow?
"I hope the youth learn to pave their own way."

Interviewed by Johnny C Johnson 10/15/14

Whats your passion?

Interviewed by Christal Corey 10/02/14

How do I become a successful black woman who makes the world turn heads?
"Good question. Have good intentions in all you do."

Interviewed by desire conner 10/02/14

What makes you the best candidate for this position.
"Im Fresh."

Interviewed by Yusef R. Frasier 10/02/14

The greatest words of motivation that helped you when you had no where to stand?
"I know I am a good person."

Interviewed by Fran Legend 09/09/14

What do you most like about yourself?
"My positive supportive, encouraging spirit and my resilience."

Interviewed by Joyce Brayboy 08/10/14

Are you a D.I.V.A.?
"What is that? I am a Woman."

Interviewed by Shannon Ms DIVA Holliday 08/10/14

What is your life goal?
"I aspire to please my creators."

Interviewed by Bernie Brooks 08/10/14

What things are meaningful in life to you?
"People, Animals, Writing, Traveling, Being healthy, Singing, Loving, Staying around positive people that don't always have their head in their buttocks."

Interviewed by Nardra V. Daniels 08/10/14

What place does Computer Science have in K-12 education?
"It can be placed on a desk, a table, or podium."

Interviewed by Steve Williams 07/05/22

so do you think ican be a great friend
"yes, it just takes practice and treating others the way you want to be treated"

Interviewed by perez benn 02/21/14

What do u want out of life?
"To make my creator proud of me."

Interviewed by Bryan Carson 02/14/13

If you had the opportunty to give yourself advice at a younger age what would you have said?
"Focus on serving your life's purpose."

Interviewed by Tiara Miller 10/29/12

What makes you happy?

Interviewed by Elynor Moss 10/21/19

What do you believe has created enlightenment in your last 5 years of life?
"My bond with my creator, traveling, my hobbies, love, family, accomplishing goals and helping others."

Interviewed by Stacie Coulter 08/23/11

What do you like most about HBCU Connect?
"I like the mission."

Interviewed by Daniel Moss 02/24/11

(interview me)
Elynor Moss HBCU Team, Yes

Joined: Jan 7th, 2011
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What makes you happy?
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North Carolina Central University class of 2003
Undergrad Major: Physical Therapy
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Business Major who knew to use my skills and talent to connect and help others.
I currently work with Yes as HBCU Team
I have 20 years of experience working in the Collegiate Faculty, Staff, Administration industry.
Best Week HBCU Happenings Sept 11-15 Best Week HBCU Happenings Sept 11-15
Some of you are enjoying this week joyfully because you experienced a Birthday, we wish you a SUPER Favorable Bornday Anniversary Celebration! How about the Rickey Smiley Morning Show Crew pulled u ...more
Posted by Elynor Moss on September 16th, 2023 • 33 Views
Become a Disney Dreamer!! Now accepting applications! October 31 is fast approachinG Become a Disney Dreamer!! Now accepting applications! October 31 is fast approachinG
Four Days That Will Transform You Bring us your vision and energy, and we’ll give you the tools and inspiration that turn dreamers into doers. The journey starts here: https://www.disneydreame ...more
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Central State Crop Central State Crop
Thank you Central State students and staff for embracing the HBCUConnect magazine. Ms.CANDACE in the Bursuars office extended CSU hospitality along with Mr.VAUGHAN in the library. The RA's in Hunter ...more
Posted by Elynor Moss on September 4th, 2023 • 83 Views
Summer with Kentucky State University Summer with Kentucky State University
Posted by Elynor Moss on September 4th, 2023 • 51 Views
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It's my pleasure to have you join, us as a new or seasoned member. May you have an amazing, blessed and marvelous day
Tagged by Ralph White on 09/13/2023  
I would love to connect with you. I am currently working in career services and I am currently in graduate school at NCCU.
Tagged by David Williams on 03/02/2021  
Good update.
Tagged by Will Moss on 06/17/2020  
Peace and Blessings for a wonderful week!
Tagged by Chandra Nims Brown on 01/06/2020  
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Tagged by PAT BARROW on 07/04/2019  
Hi Elly .. Nice to meet you
Tagged by PAT BARROW on 04/23/2019  
Happy Easter!
Tagged by Elynor Moss on 04/20/2019  
Hi! This may or may not be for you. Down load the App and Review << direct contact... Thanks....
Tagged by PAT BARROW on 04/19/2019  
HI ...
Tagged by muller jean francois on 07/31/2018  
Thank you for the nice comment.
Tagged by ADAMS DAVID on 05/25/2017  
Hello! :)
Tagged by Shelita Hall on 03/30/2016  
Thank you for your reply.
Tagged by Bruce Smith on 01/12/2016  
thank you dear
Tagged by ERIC MANTEY on 01/06/2016  
Thanks and where was that photo taken? Those are the French colors?
Tagged by Rodney WICKS on 01/06/2016  
Thank You
Tagged by Breanna Vaden on 12/12/2015  
thank you Elynor Moss Check out my book Cocktail Conversations by the Controversial Counselor
Tagged by David Glover on 11/19/2015  
Hello, Impressive background! Have a productive day and don;t forget to stop by \O/
Tagged by PAT BARROW on 10/09/2015  
Tagged by David Walker on 02/19/2015  
Just booked my 2015 CIAA hotel and wanted to meet some new people who maybe going. Hope that includes you and all your NCCU family. Can't wait!
Tagged by Demond Middleton on 01/26/2015  
Tagged by David Walker on 12/10/2014  
Likewise! I hope yours is most awesome.
Tagged by Coop C on 12/03/2014  
Happy Halloween to you Elynor! and Thanks for the connections.
Tagged by Sonya Swinton on 10/31/2014  
Lol I'm a woman, I just have a males name and couldn't find a good picture to put up because I hate taking pictures. But I'm great thank you for asking.
Tagged by Dante Miller on 10/15/2014  
Tagged by Reginald Culpepper on 09/19/2013  
Tagged by Manuel Raney on 08/21/2013  
Thank you for the package! I greatly appreciate the thought.
Tagged by Shakesha Williams on 06/26/2013  
Thank you Elynor Moss. You enjoy your summer as well.
Tagged by Lorenzo Johnson on 06/18/2013  
Tagged by Steve Williams on 05/20/2013  
Hi Elly, I couldn't resist stopping by to look at your profile pic again. Then I checked out the other ones. Wonderful. Did you take the ones of the peacock and the peach?
Tagged by Steve Williams on 05/20/2013
Tagged by Elynor Moss on 05/13/2013  
hows everything going with you hope all is well with you and work.
Tagged by manasseh hawkins on 04/22/2013  
no problem looking forward to keeping in contact in this proffessional world
Tagged by manasseh hawkins on 04/15/2013  
Tagged by jourane djermouna on 01/22/2013  
Thank you for the New Years Shine...May you receive the desires of your heart in 2013!
Tagged by Daniel Harris on 01/18/2013  
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